Announcement on the No Damage Mod & Hacking - And a new solution

UPDATE (2018-01-11 12:05 UTC):
The /fix command has been updated. It now has a 10 minute cooldown (both from last time you used it and from when you logged in). It also requires you to have a trailer, but will no longer fix the trailer.

UPDATE (2018-01-09 22:45 UTC):
An update for ETS2 has been released! With the new /fix command fixing your truck and trailer in game, you have a solution to some of your problems! This means lags, bugs, and even ramming and trolls should be less of an incovenience, instead of ruining gameplay experience. Note that this will not work for World of Trucks jobs, as SCS stores and manages damage on their servers during these jobs.


You may recollect we recently updated our rules and included updates about Hacking and Cheating. Along with this, we have also become more strict on the matter.

For some reason, hacks have become a standard lately and this is detrimental for our online community. We don't want our players to use tools to cheat the game in any way, and this includes the no damage mod.

Therefore, we are taking a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to Hacking and Cheating on TruckersMP. With a recent rule change, Hacking is now an instant permanent ban, just like the stance with many other popular online games.

Not allowed:

  • Damage Modification ("No Damage" Hacks)
  • Always-on NCZ ("No Collision" Hacks)
  • Speed Modification ("Speed Hacks" / Time Scaling)


  • Money Modifications (Via Memory or savefile)
  • Exp Modifications for jobs (Via Memory or savefile)
  • Truck Modifications as specified in the rules (Via Memory or savefile)

If allowing mods or hacks to be used we feel this won't work for the community. And we want TruckersMP to be fun for everyone, not just the Hackers and Cheaters.

Kind Regards, TruckersMP


Community Management