Forum database leak

At about 17:00 CET an unauthorized user gained access to the forum database which contains usernames, passwords and email addresses.

We got notified about the breach about 17:30 and proceeded to investigate how the breach had happened and ensure that no other data was obtained.

The breach happened by obtaining the passwords of a team member's account and then dump the database using IPB's built-in utilities, hence only forum accounts where compromised. Passwords where stored in a cryptographically manner and were salted.

We are reasonably certain that we have contained the issue and have disabled the forums for now pending a security review of the software to ensure no backdoor was left behind.

Users may have received an email offering to sell the database.

TruckersMP Team urges everyone to change their passwords as a precaution (click here to be taken to the settings).

We apologize that this breach happened and are reviewing our processes to ensure that future breaches don't happen.

Update 25th April:
Affected accounts have been added to Have I Been Pwned so you can now search for your email over there if you are in doubt if you where affected.

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