Event Team

Dear players,

You may have noticed we now have a new Event Team in the community! This team has been setup to focus on the management and support of official TruckersMP events, such as; the monthly Public Convoys, Staff Convoys, Real Ops, annual special events, and will eventually expand into offering support for Major Events, when requested by event organisers.

These events have previously been planned by the Media team, and managed by the Convoy Control team that I setup almost a year ago with a team of volunteers. This team have spent many hours supporting events with directions, instructions and information, which you will have seen along the convoy routes. All of this was done in efforts to improve the quality of our events and to provide a better overall experience for all of you participating.

Due to the increasing amount of events you all enjoy very much, these Convoy Control volunteers will now join the Event Team. Having a dedicated team for the management and planning of our events will ensure we can continue to improve, and regularly provide more entertaining events for the community.

Of course if you have any questions about this team, please ask them in the comments!

-TruckersMP Team

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