Community Success Stories Part 7 - Supporting Charities

Hi everyone!

Events and convoys are starting to become a regular activity in TruckersMP. There are quite a few players in our community who dedicate lots of time into planning and organizing their own event. While an event or convoy brings together our community, it’s also a perfect occasion to support other organizations. Organizations that could help disabled people or people affected by a certain situation to enjoy Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator and plenty of other games as much as you do.

In a perfect situation, everyone is living the ultimate life. In reality, however, this is often not the case. It’s important to support these organizations as everyone deserves as many chances as they need to be happy. Truckers of our own community often support a charity while holding an event or convoy and we feel it’s finally time to shine some light on those people, who we could call heroes.

During the past 4 years of charity events and convoys in TruckersMP, over £10.000,00 has been raised for various organizations that they can use to help people in need. Haulage 64, Drive for Live, Trucking For Cancer, Children in Need, Feed the Need and 24S are a few of those events that helped our community raising this insane amount of money! We are proud to see our community being this supportive and we hope to keep seeing charity events in the bright future.

A trailer for Haulage 64 2018 has been released a few days ago, we invite you to get involved in this amazing event.

H64 2018 Trailer


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