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Convoy history 2021

By [C-S] Daniek.   |   01 Jan 2022 12:00 UTC | Updated on 14 Apr 2022 11:26 UTC



09.01.21 1st Edition of "Z kobietami przez wirtualne szlaki ETS2" Convoy

14.01.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

16.01.21 International Convoy with RO Trans VTC

21.01.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

21.01.21 Inauguration Convoy of Pirates-Logistics (later Dreamlines)

22.01.21 1st Birthday of Capricorns VTC Convoy

23.01.21 Convoy with ALMAR VTC

28.01.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

29.01.21 Panda Spedition's Birthday Convoy

30.01.21 Quality-Logistics' Birthday Convoy


06.02.21 Convoy with ALMAR VTC

11.02.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

18.02.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

20.02.21 Fast Cargo - Drive Along


04.03.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

05.03.21 "Czekoladowym szlakiem" Convoy

06.03.21 Easter Convoy

06.03.21 4th Birthday of Jamajka Trans VTC Convoy

07.03.21 2nd Edition of "Woman Day" Convoy

13.03.21 W-LOG's Birthday Convoy

19.03.21 2nd edition of "Wiosna, ach to ty!" Convoy

20.03.21 DARKOM Polska & SzachMat's Birthday Convoy

21.03.21 Convoy with Dragon Poland Transport VTC in ATS

27.03.21 1st Quarterly Summary with AGK Spedition


09.04.21 "We are going for Columbian Coffee" Convoy

10.04.21 Zamotani's Birthday Convoy

17.04.21 GTE VTC Birthday Convoy


01.05.21 Official Convoy #TMP7

02.05.21 Official Convoy #TMP7

03.05.21 2nd Birthday of BBA-TS Convoy

08.05.21 International Day of Truck Driver

14.05.21 Convoy with VTD

16.05.21 Coffee-Spedition's advert recording

22.05.21 HGT's Birthday Convoy

23.05.21 Transsped's Birthday Convoy

29.05.21 "Pomocna Łapka" (Helpy Paw) - SzachMat's Charity Convoy

30.05.21 "Chodź, pomaluj moją ciężarówkę" Convoy


05.06.21 Management Assosiation Convoy

12.06.21 Convoy with GTE in ATS

17.06.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

19.06.21 ETS Connects People Convoy

20.06.21 Community Convoys June Convoy

26.06.21 Asian Real Ops V3

27.06.21 From Angels' City to Area 51 Convoy


01.07.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

03.07.21 5th Birthday of Promil-Trans Convoy

04.07.21 DARKOM Polska Charity Convoy

10.07.21 "Master Truck, łączymy ludzi..." Convoy

17.07.21 Official TMP Convoy

17.07.21 Convoy with Oversize Load vol.1

18.07.21 Demir Logistics 4th Year Convoy

23.07.21 4th Birthday of Maximus Maximus Virtual Spedition Convoy

24.07.21 2nd Birthday of P.H.U. Almar Convoy


01.08.21 Godzina W. Ku Chwale Bohaterom

07.08.21 Convoy with Ro-Anubis VTC

14.08.21 International Convoy with RO TRANS

25.08.21 Night trip

29.08.21 Convoy with [RO] Trans Express


01.09.21 Colombian Logistics 1st Anniversary

11.09.21 King Of The Road Founder's Birthday Convoy

18.09.21 Autumn trip with AGK Spedition

18.09.21 Focus' Spontaneous Convoy

21.09.21 RLC Convoy

23.09.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

30.09.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy


02.10.21 2nd Quarterly Summary with AGK Spedition

08.10.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

09.10.21 2nd edition of "Trójbój" Convoy

10.10.21 4th Birthday of Coffee-Spedition VTC

14.10.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

15.10.21 Spontaneous Convoy

16.10.21 Convoy with Black Bull Truckers

23.10.21 "Pomocna Łapka" (Helpy Paw) vol. 2 - SzachMat's Charity Convoy

31.10.21 3rd Birthday of Dragon Poland Transport Convoy


06.11.21 1st Birthday of AGK Spedition Convoy

13.11.21 "Z ziemi włoskiej do Polski" Convoy

14.11.21 KOTR's Charity Convoy

20.11.21 Public Convoy RTE & Official Part

27.11.21 Convoy with Oversize Load vol. 2


02.12.21 Spatu's Thursday Convoy

04.12.21 Public Convoy RTE & Official Part

11.12.21 Christmas with Lider-Logistic

12.12.21 7th Birthday of BTS VTC Convoy

18.12.21 5th edition of MTD-Logistics' Midnight Mass Convoy

19.12.21 4th edition of "Wszystkie Dzieci nasze są" Convoy

26.12.21 ETS2MCG Happy New Year Convoy

27.12.21 Spark Logistics Official Public Convoy

28.12.21 Golden Phoenix Convoys


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