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Monthly Newsletter - Jan. 2021

By Bohauo [SWE]   |   13 Jul 2021 16:47 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

WayFinder Newsletter – Jan. 2021

Goodbye 2020 and hello 2021, and welcome to the newish newsletter, this time around we will try to keep the monthly cycle, with that we mean that we will try to post the newsletter during the first weekend of the month. If you have any suggestion on what to bring up in the newsletter or the format, feel free to contact “Top Managment”.

So let us start with the monthly statistics. During December WayFinder drove 51 845 km (32 215 mi) in ETS2 and 29 058 km (18 056 mi) in ATS. For 2020 WayFinder ended up on 11th place in Sweden with 1 247 389 km (775 092 mi) in ETS2 and on 4th place with 280 838 km (174 505 mi) in ATS. All in all it is a fairly decent result for 2020 and you all know that we don’t strive to be highest on the scoreboard, instead we strive to have fun and happy members that don’t feel the pressure to drive because management say so.

Let us now continue with employee news. Since we didn’t had any newsletter for some time a lot of thing has happened on the employee front, we have opened up two departments, “Bulk, Container & Flatbed” led by “Hallengren” and “Reefer” led by “Stormkungen”. These two departments are taking applications from drivers that have at least the rank of “Junior Driver”. We would also like to congratulate “HenryHerzog” for being the first driver in the “Bulk, Container & Flatbed” department.

Now we end with news from the management. In a few days time we will “clean up” our discord channel and kick/remove those that aren’t active in our company, so I you haven’t done so already please head over to the post in announcement and react if you want to stay on this discord server. This will be done via a script (automatic) on the 5th December in the evening.

We would also like to remind about §5.1, in other words use truckbooks when you drive and make sure it logs your progress.

The management team would now like to wish you all a great 2021 and that you all stay healthy and safe during this pandemic and follow your government regulations/recommendations, see you all in the next newsletter.

//Bohauo & Top Management.


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