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Newsletter July 2021

By Bohauo [SWE]   |   13 Jul 2021 16:45 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

WayFinder Newsletter

We are now in the midst of the summer with souring temperatures outside in the sun. Top management has been al little inactive for some time now and the reason for this is life, I for one has a lot on my plate in my daily work life and that takes a lot of energy form me and i don't really have any energy left when i come home to play any truck sims. I won't explain the whereabouts for the rest of the Top Management, if they want to tell the will, just ask them if you are interested.

We where part and drove in Real Ops last month, and that was a really good event, no server issues and that was really good news and listening to truckers FM at the same time only enhanced the immersion and to the game play to a whole new level. Most of Top Management also uses "Trucky App", a really good friend on the roads for all truckers, and i can really recommend that to anyone who wanna enhance their driving and has an spare screen.

Well that it for this month, see you all next month!

//Bohauo President - WayFinder Transport.


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