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2020年5月11日,车队全体成员召开会议/11th May 2020, All Team Members In XongXuan Team Took part In A Meeting

By H.X.T-007/EM*Wu_Dao   |   11 May 2020 07:37 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

本次会议目的在于分配各个部门之间的工作,相互进行协调与探讨今后车队的发展以及所需要改正的地方。同时大家提出意见规划了如何以后如何壮大、做好车队,招收新人的规则 也有所改动。此次修改队标的目的也在于重新开始以新的管理方法和新的管理理念来建设队伍,我们队员也有信心大家一起做大、做强队伍。相信在以后的日子里我们会越来越强!

The purpose of this meeting is to point out the bad things and corrections made by various departments in the past few months. At the same time, everyone put forward opinions to plan how to grow in the future, make a good team, and change the rules for recruiting new people. The purpose of changing the team logo is also to start building teams with new management methods and new management concepts, Our team members are also confident that everyone will grow and strengthen the team together. I believe that in the future, we will become stronger and stronger!


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