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🚚Details of LHTeam's participation in activities in February🚚

By [SG-Team]-JingJing-002   |   01 Mar 2022 11:06 UTC | Updated on 01 Mar 2022 11:10 UTC

  • 2月份LHTeam参加活动详细
  • 2月6日凛航车队参加圆梦车队一周年公开活动
  • 2月19日凛航车队参加TCS车队2月份公共活动
  • 2月22日凛航车队参加AMCCTeam公开活动
  • 2月23日凛航车队组织了的公开活动
  • 2月25日凛航参加ETS2MCG活动
  • 2月26日凛航举办私人活动
  • Details of LHTeam's participation in February
  • On February 6th, the Rinhang team participated in the first anniversary public event of the dream team
  • On February 19th, the Linhang team participated in the TCS team's February public event
  • On February 22, the Rinhang team participated in the AMCCTeam public event
  • Public event organized by Rinhang Team on February 23
  • On February 25th, Rinhang participated in the ETS2MCG event
  • On February 26, Rinhang held a private event


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