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New Operations Manager, Supervisor and Managing Partners!

By Adam [PLG]   |   03 Nov 2021 22:29 UTC | Updated on 30 Nov 2021 17:51 UTC

Ha! Time flies when you're having fun doesn't it? It seems like yesterday we announced the arrival of our first Supervisor, Yves, and promotions for Jon and Jack here at Pegasus. It seems as though as time moves forward, or staff consistently move upwards and this is the case with all three of these fine members.

We are thrilled to announce that our very first Supervisor, Yves has been promoted to Operations Manager, a position that was held by Jack who has since been invited to join the owners as a Managing Partner along with our ex-General Manager, Jon! Yves old position, that of Supervisor has been filled by Brad, who's shown great strength, dedication and the willingness to help anyone at anytime with any issues.

The Managing Partner position is a brand new position created to bridge the gap that manifested between Jon, Jack, DJ and myself (Adam). The four of us have worked diligently over the course of our existence together to bring our members new and exciting content. It was a simple, yet rewarding experience to offer the position of Managing Partner to Jon and Jack and it brought even greater pleasure to change the original founders titles to Managing Partner as well - this equaled the board if you will and it strengthened our belief that Pegasus doesn't and will never "own" our members and reaffirms our goal of equality and inclusivity.

As our continued growth blooms, the need for both higher level and lower level support staff is necessary to keep our ambitions and mantra alive, with the quality people we have running the show, nothing can stop us from being the highest quality VTC!

I look forward to working closely and equally with our members of staff and can't wait to see theircontinued growth within Pegasus Logistics!

Adam C., Managing Partner



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