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By GiGiKing   |   08 Sep 12:00 UTC | Updated on 08 Sep 17:00 UTC

666 Logistics 是一个与2020年12月成立的VTC,我们的队员来自五湖四海,并以热情,积极的态度对待TruckersMP,我们希望让更多的玩家能够参加我们的公开联运,为此,我们编写了自己的联运工具,并开发了我们自己的网站,网站中有每天的联运路线,并且我们给全球玩家提供每2小时更换的随机线路,为的是让每一个孤单的单人玩家能够聚集在一起,一起享受欧洲模拟卡车带来的乐趣,当然,我们也有自己的VTC成员,我们认真对待每一场活动,并希望大家可以加入我们!

666 Logistics was established in December 2020, Our team members treat TruckersMP with enthusiasm and positive attitude, We hope many public players as possible to participate in our public convoys, So we created ETS666 SaveEdit & JobSync Tool, And developed our own website, Daily convoy routes are available on the site, A random route that changes every 2 hours is provided in the foreign version of the tool, So that every single lonely player can get together, Enjoy the fun of the ETS2, Of course, we also have our own VTC members, We take every events seriously and hope you can join us!


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Created: 17 Jun 2020 15:19 UTC
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