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  1. 联运时间晚上8点半,路程大约1000公里,时间一小时左右。

  2. 联运上线人员必须上YY听从指挥,保持联运频道通话清晰,不说脏话,不恶意攻击他人,车队联运频道为20。

  3. 联运上线人员不得修改发动机和货柜重量等任何数据,以免会破坏车队队形。

  4. 联运中途严格遵守联运规则,不超车、不随意变更道、不穿模、遵守游戏内的规则。

  5. 保持车距、不得随意碰撞他人车辆、如有翻车,迅速重新加载存档或F7返回修理厂,或者读取终点档不得影响后车行驶。

  1. The combined transport time is 8: 30 p.m., the distance is about 1000 kilometers, and the time is about one hour.

  2. The on-line personnel of intermodal transportation must obey the command on YY, keep the intermodal channel clear, don't swear, and don't attack others maliciously. The intermodal channel of the motorcade is 20.

  3. Intermodal on-line personnel shall not modify any data such as engine and container weight, so as to avoid damaging the fleet formation.

  4. Strictly abide by the rules of intermodal transportation, do not overtake, change lanes at will, do not wear models, and abide by the rules in the game.

  5. Keep the distance between cars, do not collide with other people's vehicles at will, quickly reload the archive or press F7 to return to the repair shop if there is a rollover, or read the end gear, which may not affect the driving of the rear car.


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