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简介: *AMCC成立于2020年2月15日,为中国友谊团队成立之初会员车队之一,现拥有150名玩家 *我们曾组织主办联运活动很多友谊联运,并且每天都会组织内部联运 *我们也拥有经验丰富的管理团队,包括人力资源,活动组织规划,和技术保障。 *中国应用微电路公司车队正在努力成为最优秀的欧洲卡车模拟2车队,同时中国应用微电路公司车队也致力于维护游戏环境,改善国外玩家对中国玩家的印象。 *在此欢迎广大喜欢欧洲卡车模拟2的玩家加入我们。

Introduction: *Founded on February 15, 2020, AMCC is one of the member teams of China friendship team at the beginning of its establishment, and now has 150 players *We have organized and hosted intermodal activities, many friendship intermodal transport, and internal intermodal transport is organized every day *We also have an experienced management team, including human resources, activity organization planning, and technical support. *China applied microcircuit team is striving to become the best European truck simulation 2 team. At the same time, China applied microcircuit team is also committed to maintaining the game environment and improving the impression of foreign players on Chinese players. *Welcome the players who like European truck simulation 2 to join us.

入队要求: *拥有蒸汽正版游戏 *联运期间必需尤尼克斯上线配合车队联运指挥,YY必须有清晰麦克风,(不说话也可以但必须听指挥) *年龄:16岁以上 *入队后联运期间禁止超车,若违反警告一次,情节严重由管理层决定处理。 *清晰车队规章制度,不违反,如有意见情况向纪检部提出。

Team entry requirements: *Have steam genuine games *During the intermodal transport, UNIX must go online to cooperate with the intermodal transport command of the team, YY must have a clear microphone (it is OK not to speak, but you must listen to the command) *Age: over 16 *After joining the team, overtaking is prohibited during intermodal transportation. If the warning is violated once, the management will decide to deal with it if the circumstances are serious. *Clarify the rules and regulations of the team and do not violate them. If there are any opinions, put forward them to the discipline inspection department.

联系方式: QQ:1058291993 YY:22708



Language: Chinese (Simplified)
Created: 18 Jul 2020 11:31 UTC
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Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
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