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By Thirace   |   25 Jun 2022 12:36 UTC | Updated on 25 Jun 2022 12:40 UTC

1.44:可调悬挂高度 我们一直在努力改进游戏的各个方面,有时这一进步为全新的现实功能铺平了道路,这些功能将解决任何潜在问题。American Truck Simulator 和 Euro Truck Simulator 2 的 1.44 更新中将有一个这样的新增功能。可调悬架高度即将到来! 1.44: adjustable suspension height We have been trying to improve all aspects of the game, and sometimes this progress paves the way for new real-world features that will solve any potential problems. This new feature will be included in the 1.44 update of American truck simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Adjustable suspension height is coming! 为我们的游戏创建模型的过程在不断改进,因为现在我们收到了非常详细的参考资料(有时是直接的 CAD 文件),因此需要确保卡车/底盘/拖车的组合能够协同工作没有任何问题,例如视觉故障。这就是为什么我们决定引入这项基于真实悬挂系统的新功能,这对于保持车辆的稳定和安全非常重要。通过允许玩家使用特殊键调整高度,这将解决在我们的游戏中附加拖车的任何困难。 The process of creating models for our games is constantly improving, because now we have received very detailed references (sometimes direct CAD files), so we need to ensure that the truck / chassis / trailer combination can work together without any problems, such as visual failure. This is why we decided to introduce this new feature based on the real suspension system, which is very important to maintain the stability and safety of the vehicle. By allowing players to use special keys to adjust the height, this will solve any difficulties in attaching trailers in our game. 请注意,此功能是一个现实的附加功能,玩家不必一定要打开。但是,如果您想尝试一下并开始使用这个新系统,请确保在绑定设置中分配热键,因为默认情况下该选项是未分配的。 Please note that this function is a realistic additional function, and players do not have to turn it on. However, if you want to try and start using the new system, make sure to assign hotkeys in the binding settings, because this option is unassigned by default. 我们希望你们中的许多人能够迎接挑战并尝试可调节悬挂高度功能。1.44 更新带来的这一变化代表着我们的游戏朝着更加现实又迈进了一步,我们迫不及待想在我们的论坛或社交媒体上听到您对此的看法,您可以在其中标记我们的个人资料并告诉我们您的想法(Twitter、Instagram、Facebook)。 We hope that many of you will be able to meet the challenge and try the adjustable suspension height function. This change brought about by the 1.44 update represents another step towards a more realistic game. We can't wait to hear your views on our forums or social media. You can mark our profile and tell us your thoughts (twitter, instagram, Facebook).



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