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Major Staff and Driver Recruitment

By Miyu*   |   20 Nov 2020 07:45 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Development Team

Development Team is the backbone of the VTC. Sometimes the efforts might be ignored by the community but Clovery knows the importance of the development team, as it will definitely affect the reputation of the VTC by the quality of the work from the Development Team. In Clovery Logistics, all staff are highly respected.


  1. Web Developer - Develop, maintain and host our website
  2. Bot Developer - Develop, maintain and host our bot

We are currently working for a Drivers Hub. Which all the data will be stored there. Both the website and bot needed to communicate with the Drivers Hub to get data or send a command. You are not required to achieve all of the specialties listed above - you are able to apply if you can achieve any of the specialties. Therefore, the development team will never have only 1 member.


  1. Capable to work independently,
  2. Can hand in your work within a reasonable schedule.

Note: Experienced staff might be picked as the "Development Manager" once you joined the team. You are not necessary to be our driver if you aren't a frequent player or you also joining other VTC as a driver - please make sure you have the authorization from corresponding VTC.

Event Team

Event Team is the symbol of any VTC - it directly affects the reputation of the VTC by the management of the convoy hosted. Might be boring, but the sense of accomplishment is tremendous - that's why people are often interested to become a CC or a route planner.


  1. Route planning and distributing saves (on Manager's discretion),
  2. Book slot in public convoys (on Manager's discretion),
  3. Convoy controlling,
  4. Seeking chances for joint public convoys or attending public convoys,
  5. Human Resource planning in convoy.


  1. At least 1 map DLC for the game(s) you owned,
  2. Hard-working as it might be a tough task to keep planning the routes and make saves,
  3. Previous experience is preferred.

Recruitment Team

Recruitment Team is the gatekeeper of the quality of our drivers. It affects the growth rate of the VTC. Recruitment Team in Clovery is not a lower-tier role but a sacred job - it owns the permissions to accept or reject a new driver to join Clovery Logistics.


  1. Review application forms submitted by a new driver (applicant),
  2. Go through an interview for the applicant,
  3. Decide whether to accept or reject the application.


  1. Be active in the community,
  2. Good decision-making skills.


Clovery is hiring drivers as well. If you are a new TMP player or just want to enjoy the community with friends, you are welcomed to join as well. In Clovery, staff is a volunteer job with no monetary income but rather they donate their time to exchange special permissions - sometimes it can be a challenging role. However, being active in the community and TruckersMP is always important for the VTC.


  1. Help Clovery grow,
  2. Enjoy the community.


  1. Being active in the community and TruckersMP,
  2. At least 16 years old,
  3. At least 50 combined play hours for ETS2 and ATS,
  4. No more than 2 active bans (Clovery needs to verify the evidence for the bans).

[Driver Apply Process]

  1. Join our Discord server at
  2. Fill out the application form at

A recruiter will contact you as soon as possible for the supplementary information.

Joining a large VTC, you own the honour once you have joined. Challenging yourself to grow a start-up VTC, you can sense accomplishment. "Moving Your Life", that's what Clovery Logistics is.


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