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A Short Story of Clovery...

By Crestune~   |   05 Oct 2020 16:17 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Before Clovery was formed, there was Bluebell. It was formed by a few people who are passionate about trucking.

Once there was a drivers’ hub, a tracker and a working website, once the Discord server was active with drivers and babbling each other, and the staff were alive to interact with them. There was a time where they had hope to proceed to get an official verification in TruckersMP.

Each moment is a fleeting time. The situation changed thereafter shortly. The founders were fading away or left, leaving everything to the responsible staff who still wished to help Bluebell.

For this reason, Clovery is established with the remaining passionate Bluebell drivers. Clovery hopes to recommence the journey from Bluebell, create a VTC which allows drivers to express their opinions, and encourage people to become a considerate and qualified driver.

From Bluebell to Clovery


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