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Clovery's Preparation for the Relaunch

By Crestune~   |   05 Oct 2020 16:13 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Since Bluebell has migrated to Clovery, staff are working hard to maintain the operations, as well as refurbishing Clovery. Here is our progress before Clovery officially launches to public:


Website Website Gallery A dark teal design is used to accentuate Clovery's main colour. line

Drivers XP sheet

XP sheet We will add your XP (experience points) in Clovery and your rank can be promoted by your activity.

And we are here to announce that - Clovery is ready to hire drivers! If you are interested, feel free to join Clovery's Discord server and visit our website for the application process.


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