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By Jaud   |   23 May 2021 14:38 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Hey there folks, just wanted to throw out a message about how proud that I am of all of my drivers! They are all hard chargers, considering that we have under 20 drivers and still manage to attain top 25 or above status most months. Teamwork, dedication, and professionalism are the cornerstones of our VTC combined with team players, which helps to make a sweet combination. Keep it going guys and girls; all of you are doing awesome!

For Truckers MP followers please feel free to check out our website at ikesarmytrucking.com This site explains everything from rules to color schemes to links to other areas such as discord, facebook etc. Hope you all check it out and come and join us.

A little background on many of our drivers, some of us are either retired truck drivers or current ones with many ranges of experience over the years. Personally, I am in RL a member of the million mile club and have been both a company driver and an owner operator. I have hauled nearly everything including van, reefer, tanker, flatbed, lowboys, triples, doubles, containers, you name it, with all sorts of loads. It was a fun but also frustrating several years. I also had an international CDL and hauled loads in Europe for a short time, but that was very frustrating!

We have many discussions on discord ranging from trucks to movies and music and simply life in general. So come in and check us out.

Please note if you agree to use our discord, you must check a checkbox where you are attesting that you are over 18 years old, if we find out later that you are under 18 you will be removed. Thank you, have fun and put that hammer down!


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