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πŸ‘” β–Ί New VTC Roles β—„ πŸ‘”

By FamousPerson   |   08 Jun 2022 08:50 UTC | Updated on 28 Jul 2022 17:02 UTC


  • Thanks to the completion of our long-planned Discord Revamp, we have also changed our company, mainly within roles.

A lot of new roles have joined our VTC and it may not be very clear to someone exactly what their function is, so here is a list and their explanations.

  • Chief Founder of VTC - The Official Founder of CTN Company.
  • Chief Executive Officer - The CEO of VTC - something like Owner, have all permissions.
  • Chief Operations Officer - The COO of VTC - something like CO-Owner, have all permissions.
  • Chief Development Officer - The CDO of VTC - Chief of Development means he is programmator and he is programming our Tracker, VTC, Drivershub.
  • Chief Financial Officer - The CFO of VTC - he is Chief about all Finances in VTC, he is very important!
  • Chief Technical Officer - The CTO of VTC - He is in charge of all things, social networks, the web, etc. - work as they should and is responsible for their functionality
  • Chief Compliance Officer - The CCO of VTC - He is in charge of all offenses caused by our drivers and solves with them the reasons for the occurrence of these offenses and solves them with them.
  • Chief Content Officer - The CCTO of VTC - He is in charge of all things, photos, videos or other "promotional" things that are published on our social medias, he is responsible for their quality and suitability for the given social medias.
  • Chief Creative Officer - The CCVO of VTC - He is in charge of creative things, photos, logos or other important stuff for management, something like Graphic Designer.
  • Chief Security Officer - The CSO of VTC - He is in charge of the security of all members on our server, security on our social networks, emails or also on our website.
  • Chief Human Resources Officer - The CHRO of VTC - He is in charge of all things, I listen to our community about feedback, I try to improve the company and get it to higher results, entire recruitment system, he checks other recruiters to see if they follow our rules and regulations, he is also in charge of the recruiters' training itself, and other things.
  • Chief Event Officer - He is in charge of all Events, Convoys, etc., is responsible for their validity and accepts invitations between convoys or events.
  • Chief Learning Officer - Responsible for all training in our VTC.
  • Chief Analytics Officer - Takes care of all analytics, development, reach on social networks and summarizes what and where needs to be improved.
  • Chief Data Officer - He is in charge of all your data entered on our website or elsewhere, he must follow our rules and regulation, he is under Chief Security Officer supervision.
  • Chief Cloud Officer - All things stored in the cloud, photos, videos, files, forms or other, must have constant access to them.
  • Chief Knowledge Officer - Answers all questions that someone may ask or ask directly, must know the answer.
  • Chief Information Officer - Responsible for all information that must be submitted to the entire Management or Drivers.
  • Developer’s Office - He is member of our development team, programm - he is in charge of developing in VTC.
  • Media Team - Media Team member, video editing, photo editing, photography.
  • Graphic Designer - Member of the Graphics Team, video previews, photo editing and other things.
  • Voice & Video Dubbing Manager - The manager of our Dubbing in videos, is responsible for their accuracy.
  • Event Supervisor - Supervises the entire Convoy Control Team, deploys them where they are needed, and takes care of the safety of the entire convoy.
  • Event Team Leader - In charge of the Convoy Control Team, their deployment - that they do not break any rules.
  • Ad & Promo Manager - Takes care of promotion on our social networks, other discords, looks for possible partnerships for our server.
  • Translation Manager - Takes care of all translated texts correctly and is responsible for their correctness.
  • Human Resources Leader - HRL of VTC he is in charge of all HR employees.
  • Event Team’s Office - Member of Event Team, they can help with in Convoy Control or in Media Team, planning convoys, etc.
  • Translator’s Office - He is translating texts or announcements to other languages.
  • Human Resources Office - Something like recruiter, he helps to Chief.
  • TruckersMP Staff - The member of TruckersMP Staff but he is in our VTC.
  • Driver Roles with Trial Driver Role.

This list will be updated today's evening. We need to update these roles with the description on Discord first.

Thanks for your understanding!

Your CTN <3


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