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By FamousPerson   |   11 Jun 2022 21:00 UTC | Updated on 26 Nov 11:14 UTC

Our VTC recently started a new project and named it TruckersMP Podcasts.

  • Personally, I enjoy moderating these videos and podcasts, which is why I embarked on this project together with my long-time friend Pepa, who currently works as a sound engineer and editor of these podcasts. We have arranged this way, I am in charge of arranging guests and recording videos in the background.

How did it all start?

  • It all started unexpectedly, we talked about one topic that was just current on the TruckersMP scene and then we thought about talking about it with someone who will definitely know more about it. Why not talk about some topics, common opinions, etc. with someone new, with a guest?

  • This is how the concept of this TruckersMP Podcasts project was simply created. It is a great pleasure for us, because we managed to get a guest right to the first podcast. We won't mention his name here, but once we have the first podcast ready, you'll be sure to find out who he is!

  • Nobody has this concept on the TruckersMP scene yet and that's why we want to create this things. With this project we guess its really easy to be beautifully visible, we are planning a lot of other projects, events and anything else with this idea.

TruckersMP Podcasts Discord:

We will hope that everything goes according to plan, we are currently working on the first podcast, please be patient! <3

Thank you!

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