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📚 ► Discord Reconstruction Changelog ◄ 📚

By FamousPerson   |   07 Jan 2023 21:40 UTC | Updated on 27 Mar 2023 18:31 UTC

LOE / Discord & Other Services / Changelog - S03 - DSR01 | 29.12. 2022 - 7.1. 2023

⚠ Some things could not be updated yet during this reconstruction, some things will be changed during the running of this server.


  • Thanks to a new feature regarding the use of slash commands on bots, we have not yet had the opportunity to set up bots and their permissions to use slash commands on this server, please be patient.

  • You can find out all events in which our VTC will participate thanks to the "Events" button, on the top of channel list again.

  • All convoys will be added here in next few days.

  • Game Nights VTC Project has been removed due to the internal reasons. Thank you for your understanding!


  • We are still working on the permissions in some channels on this server, everything can be done at the end of the next week (7 days).

Discord Bots:

  • Discord Bot for Custom Voice Channels has been removed (VoiceMaster), because almost no one using this feature.

  • Dyno, Mee6 & Flantic bots have been removed from the server, because they don't have any function here anymore.

  • TruckersFM & with his channel has been removed, due to reason, that no-one is listening to him in VC.

  • We are working on our custom Discord Bot, we hope, its will be done soon.

Ticket System:

  • All ticket systems have been modified, now you could create ticket for Leaderships, Event Management or Human Resources - #📩・contact-us.

  • New ticket system is by @Tickets#6981.

  • In the tickets @Discord Bots no longer delete your message, if you have a Discord Invite link here.

  • Old Ticket System (Ticket Tools bot) has been removed and its not be used again, sorry!


  • Chief Cloud Officer, Chief Knowledge Officer, Chief Creative Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Security Officer roles have been removed.

  • Chief Data Officer -> @General Manager

  • First Place (CTN-LB) -> @🥇|First Place〔LOE-LB〕 (updated the name of the VTC there, because we changed our name)

  • Chief Development Officer -> @Development Manager

  • Developer's Office -> @Department of Development

  • Human Resources Office -> @Department of Human Resources

  • Event Team's Office -> @Department of Events

  • New Roles: @Leaderships (Ping) / @Staff / @External Staff (all of these roles are only for ping, its used in the tickets for example).

  • New Colors for @TMP Podcasts Moderator & @Leaderships (COO)


  • Newsletters, Wall of Fame, Convoy Media, Convoy Chat, Vouches, Proof, TMPHQ-Slots, Prague-Slots, Convoy Feedback, Book your Slots, Convoy Socials, Event Staff, Convoy Rules, Convoy Route has been removed.

  • Tournaments, Announcements, Roles for Game Nights VTC Project has been removed.

  • New Voice Channel "🔊・General Voice"

  • "🔊・International Convoy" has been renamed to "🔊・Convoy"


  • "📣 「Important」 📣" category has been renamed to "📣 | Information"

  • New category "📌 | Pinned" at the top of the channel list (most important channels you can find in this category).

  • New category "👮 | Leaderships Tickets" for your Leaderships tickets which you can create them here #📩・contact-us.

  • "🚨👮 「Upper Staff」 👮🚨" has been renamed to "🚨 | VTC & External Staff" this category is for VTC @Staff & @External Staff (together), both of them have their channels there.

  • AFK Category has been removed, the channel has been moved to the Community category.

  • Solved Tickets category has been removed, after ticket is closed, its automatically deleted, transcripts are saved automatically as well.

  • "MISC" category has been removed, the same is with the channels there.

  • Server Stats category is no longer available. ❌ - Only Users (Member Counter) is part of this server, its at the top of the channel list.

All Services Status:

  • Due to the fact that we do not currently have a channel, where we have our status regarding social networks and services, it is not available for now. ❌


  • Website Reconstruction is planned in 2 weeks, we are going to update our website (new photos, new team members, etc.).

Incoming Features:

  • New Discord Bot
  • Own Drivershub + Tracker / Public Dashboard
  • Employee / Driver ID 👀
  • Convoy Reports ☑
  • Point System


  • Some previous changelogs and everything they contain may no longer be true and eg the channels that were created here may no longer be due to low popularity and usage.


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