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Introducing Driver Ranks

By James   |   02 Feb 2021 21:22 UTC | Updated on 24 Dec 2021 15:20 UTC

Hello everyone.

Starting today, 1st February, we are introducing driver ranks.
These will range from Bronze I to GOD.
Over the past few weeks, we have been working to make driver ranks possible for our drivers.
As shown below, however many KM per month they log, they could go higher up in the list.

How many KM per rank, you may ask.

Bronze I = 5,000KM
Bronze II = 10,000KM
Bronze III = 15,000KM
Silver I = 20,000KM
Silver II = 25,000KM
Silver III = 30,000KM
Gold I = 35,000KM
Gold II = 40,000KM
Gold III = 45,000KM
Platinum I = 50,000KM
Platinum II = 65,000KM
Platinum III = 80,000KM
Champ I = 100,000KM
Champ II = 250,000KM
Champ III = 500,000KM
Grand Champ = 1,000,000KM
God = 1,000,000,000KM

These ranks are for our drivers to earn by doing jobs.

If you have any questions, feel free to join the Discord server and ask.

Happy Trucking!
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