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November Monthly Public Convoy Summary

By Maxim.   |   01 Dec 2022 12:00 UTC | Updated on 02 Dec 2022 03:12 UTC


Bruijn Logistics organized another public event on November 21st! This time, we drove through the beautiful roads of the Vive La France ! DLC. We departed from France's second-largest city Lyon, in order to drive to our destination, being the city of Rennes in the Bretagne region! We are pleased to mention that the convoy went as expected, with only a few minor issues and without extreme delays or problems occurring. Bruijn Logistics would like to thank all participants and hopes to see everyone again on December 18th, where we will make our way from Lithuania through Poland, with our final destination being Banská-Bystrica in Slovakia. Don’t miss it!

You can find all the information regarding this upcoming event here.


Bruijn Logistics

You do the ya, I'll do the yeet


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