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2023 Human Resources Summary, so far!

By Cats   |   28 Feb 11:15 UTC | Updated on 28 Feb 23:12 UTC


Throughout this year and onwards, Bruijn Logistics will start doing news post dedicated to Human Resources - where we will share interesting statistics, how our operations are being carried out, new and upcoming developments, Driver of the Month, select people from our staff team who have contributed massively, alongside other company information.

To give everybody some insight, the Human Resources team are in charge of many vital procedures such as all driver recruitment, as well as some staff onboardings/offboardings, professionally responding to drivers and the public via our Discord Ticketing System - these can vary from vacancy inquires, miscellaneous VTC questions, feedback, and the list goes on. Our Team also takes a real life approach to the company, through the use of interviews, these are well constructed, friendly meetings we have with anybody if a problem arises. Our dedicated team will communicate together to decide on appropriate action. All this, alongside other extended spontaneous duties.

Below I will explain our recent and upcoming development.

Master Roles.

Since February 1st, we introduced a new system. This consisted of replacing Picture of The Month with Photo Master and Driver of The Month with Haulage Master, we will soon introduce Haulage Master. This new addition provides winners with several perks such as their own dedicated TruckersMP Role, as well as a hoisted position role on Bruijn Logistics Discord Guild - this will hopefully entice Drivers into competing in the voluntary challenges we offer here in the company!

  • Starting on Photo Master. Drivers and Staff will be given a set, changeable theme every month where they are required if they are planning on entering, to take an image in-game following the specific theme. It is difficult to select winners every month due to the talent and creativity everybody holds. As such, Media Management posed the idea of a player based voting system, this way Drivers will be a lot more involved with the outcomes of a certain challenges and it not so much Staff lead; the idea has been a success and is planned to stay.
  • Next on the list is Haulage Master. This role refers to the Driver of The Month challenge we formally had, it includes the same concept, but with the added benefits and matched name. We are thankful that are Drivers are continuing delivering cargo to every company around the map, we see that most our driver base is still bonded to TruckersMP, devoted to logging jobs.
  • Finally, Convoy Master. As the name suggests, this is a position given to those attending the most convoys per month. Attendance to convoys hosted by Bruijn Logistics, other VTCs, convoy groups, and fundraisers are important to show our support to their aims or to increase the success of particular events. As such, the role has been introduced appeal our Drivers in attending these events.

Virtual Trucking Statistics so far this year.

Applications Received: 115

Applications Accepted: 61

Applications Declined: 33

Applications Cancelled: 21

  • This is a constant step in the right direction, we are still an ever growing VTC although being around for quite some time now. Management are happy with the future of the company and the consistent applications being received is representative of that.


Human Resources recently contacted Managers from each department to gather a list of names they believe have gone above and beyond this year, and contributed massively to the company and their department.

  • Over on the Development team; Shponny was nominated, one of our long serving Staff members which we really do honour them for their hard work. Shponny has developed our platforms further, helped out with Driver support via our Ticketing System, and has been a friendly asset to Bruijn Logistics.
  • Moving to the Events team; Fabio has been selected as a very valuable leader to the VTCs convoys in 2023. Fabio has managed and lead both out January and February convoys, executing the events flawlessly with the help of our Event Team.
  • Lastly, the Media Management; Astro, although this Media Team member has departed from us, we are still incredibly thankful for their speedy work that was posted quickly after the convoy had finished. The high quality work has made it onto our Social Media platforms for promotion. Astro attended our January convoy and publicised the convoy in our Discord Guild.

Despite these members being individually picked out, it is not to say we do not value everybody else's work in our team. In fact, we are very appreciative of everybody that has a position with us, because without them, there would be no us. Everybody in our team creates and carries out their duties amazingly, hence why they are here!

To finish off this news post. Human Resources hope this has opened eyes to anybody reading this, hopefully this will be a continued addition to the company; if we feel that people are interested in it.

That being said,

You do the ya, I'll do the yeet!

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