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By EL KEES   |   08 May 2021 19:08 UTC | Updated on 17 Aug 2021 14:12 UTC

**In order to join our company it is necessary that you complete all the fields we request. Once you submit them, our team of recruiters will contact you. Requirements:

✪You must be at least 15+ years old.

✪Your attitude towards others is positive and friendly.

✪You must be able to understand and communicate in Spanish or English.

✪You must accept the Colombian Logistics company rules before submitting your application.

✪You must have played 50 hours of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (and/or ATS) on Steam.

✪You must have been registered at TruckerMP for at least 2 months.

✪The Colombian Logistics player tag (edited from the TAB menu) must be used at all times, unless otherwise granted, such as helping out at an external event.

✪You must always respect the rules of TruckersMP and drive responsibly:

✪During all public events and convoys, Colombian Logistics paint must be used on the truck and trailer.

✪ Attend official convoys at least 15 minutes prior to departure time (except in cases with prior notice).

✪ Keep a trip log in TrucksBooks Client.

✪ Respect for fellow riders both en route and in discord.

It is strictly forbidden to make groups, accounts, pages, etc., with the name of our company without the approval of the directive members of the same. Likewise we make it clear that any idea is welcome and will be discussed in meetings with all members for approval or rejection.

✪ Conduct ourselves in an orderly and realistic manner.

✪ The rule par excellence and of course mandatory: Have a great time, we come to play and have fun.

✪ Additional Rules - Truckers MP → Check the following link for the rules of the multiplayer client we use.:

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