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Convoy Public June | Colombian Logistics

By Memo.   |   04 Jun 2021 19:05 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Convoy Public June | Colombian Logistics

To whom it may concern: Hello, friendly companies, and independent drivers today we come to invite you to our June public convoy all are invited and we hope it goes out the best, do not panic companies or drivers if you do not know English, the organizers speak both English and Spanish. we wait for you and sure we will have a great time.

Reserve a place for your vtc! Time zone:

Reglas y Recomendaciones:

  • No rebasar.
  • Respetar las indicaciones de los organizadores.
  • No llevar cargas pesadas o remolque muy largos (triples o dobles).
  • Si llevas lag puedes ir al final del convoy.
  • Evitar los choques.
  • Si ocurre algún problema avisar por radio.
  • Llevar la ruta Marcada.
  • Seguir las reglas de MP
  • Tolerancia 30 Minutes

Rules and Recommendations:

  • Do not overtake.
  • Respect the indications of the organizers.
  • Do not carry heavy loads or very long trailers (triple or double).
  • If you carry lag you can go to the end of the convoy.
  • Avoid collisions.
  • If there is a problem, please inform us by radio.
  • Follow the marked route.
  • Follow MP rules
  • Tolerance 30 Minutes

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