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Colombian Logistics Is Back!

By Memo.   |   24 Sep 2021 02:09 UTC | Updated on 24 Sep 2021 02:10 UTC

Hello everyone, today we have very good news for all our community! we know that everyone including us was very sad to know that we will close, we have received many messages of love and support for us! so we have decided to take a better decision, Colombian Logistics has decided to remain open! this due to the support of everyone in the general chat, most loyal drivers and above all staff of the company, with the news we have opened applications for various positions and we have received very good recruitments and we are very happy to know that we are doing things right. We have revamped our rules, requirements and equipment! We have eliminated inactive members. We are very happy for all the energy this new start has given us, we also want to apologize for the decision we made and now we realize it was not the best one.

These last days we are planning our next event and the reopening event! You will receive more information about it in the next week!

Special thanks to: Kees, Memo, Dani, Yeferson, Miguel, Mocho_li, Shadows, Super, Max, Eazy, NowarTV, Latbo, Perdomo, Anyelo, Sebby, Antho, Our partners and all the great community that supports us!

Thank you all and have a nice day


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