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TT Scania Streamline Convoy

By SebastianTimmy   |   15 Feb 21:15 UTC | Updated on 15 Feb 21:15 UTC

Another great convoy hosted by Twisted Transport complete!

The route planned was from Białystok (Slots) to Debrecen (Container Yard) taking an almost straight shortest route and a lot of nice smooth easy roads.

Convoy control worked well to keep everyone in order even through a few crashes and mishaps along the journey caused a few people to have to F7 and even 1 kicked (not a YH driver).

We are looking forward to convoying with Twisted Transport again and hope the anniversary convoys they have next month is just as great as the previous we have attended, big shout-out to the Twisted CC and event organizers.

For currently approved public convoys we are looking to attend please check Discord or the "Events We Are Attending" section of our VTC page on the Truckers MP site.

We appreciate the amount of drivers for YH that attended and we are glad everyone had a good laugh along the way.


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