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100 Drivers Milestone

By SebastianTimmy   |   15 Mar 19:15 UTC | Updated on 15 Mar 19:15 UTC

That's right it's true, Yorkshire Haulage is now over 100 Drivers!!

We have recently passed the 100 driver milestone which shows how quickly our community is currently expanding, meaning we have more active drivers for convoys, whether they are public or private.

While this may seem like a lot of people for what started as a small tight knit group we are happy to say we have not and we do not plan to forget our roots and we aim to stay as community focused and relaxed as ever in the coming months and years.

With our first Monthly Yorkshire Haulage convoy upcoming we are showing our dedication to becoming a fully fledged VTC within the TruckersMP community.

We thank everyone who has joined Yorkshire Haulage and hope we can grow even more in the future.

As always have fun trucking and hauling freight at 68!!


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