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S.PLH Hauls for Hope! | (24.1.21)

By Austin_Phoenix   |   04 Feb 2021 22:47 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

S.PLH Sunday Convoys Recap!


SPLH Joins the fight against COVID-19!

As part of the latest World of Trucks Event, #HaulingForHope. We joined the trucking community in taking part in SCS's challenge to each haul 7 Covid-19 Vaccine Trailers! The catch? For the delivery's to count towards the event, the Cargo has to be 0% damage!

Lined up ready for another Sundays Truckin'

Completing 7 delivery's with 0% damage is a challenge in its own right, add in taking part in convoys and the random traffic of TruckersMP, and it sounds like a real tall order! But our drivers gladly took up the challenge!

We began at the Renault Dealership in Paris

We began the days trucking in Paris France, at the Renault Dealership and Service Center, Using the World of Trucks trailers in the Freight Market enabled us to sync trailers and all pick the same jobs, and so our first trip of the day was decided on, a cross-channel trip to Cambridge England, we collected our trailers and set off through the many toll-booths of France, towards the Euro-tunnel train crossing, and finally on to Cambridge.

Collecting our first Vaccine Trailers!

Lined up at the end of the Euro Tunnel Rail Crossing

En-route to Cambridge

Our first loads dropped off!

We arrived at the Kaarfor warehouse in Cambridge to drop off our first loads of Vaccines, with several of our drivers making the trip with 0% damage and ticking their first job off the list towards the Hauling for Hope Event. Hopping just across the road, we reloaded in the Transinet for our second trip of the day, to Riga in Latvia. A journey of this length would be fairly difficult to complete with 0%, however, we planned to use the various ferry crossings along the route, to massively reduce the driven distance and hopefully the chance of sustaining damage along with it. Our modified route took us through the port city's of Grimsby, Esbjerg, Gedser, Rostock, Travemunde and Liepaja before finally arriving in Riga!

Re-loaded, bound for Riga

Entering Grimsby Port

Lined up in Esbjerg

Leaving Liepaja on the way to Riga

Dropping off in Riga

Another Impressive SPLH Lineup!

With 2 out of the 7 required Hauling for Hope trailers safely dropped off, we opened our job markets once again, and decided upon our third destination of the day, the Swedish port town of Nynäshamn, a much shorter trip than our first two, a quick hop across the Baltic Sea via the Latvian port of Ventspils, and we were soon dropping off in the Polaris Lines Depot in Nynäshamn. After a quick turnaround we headed for the nearby city of Stockholm to collect our next jobs of the day.

Picking up cargos for Nynäshamn

Dropping off in Nynäshamn Polaris Lines

In search of the magic 0% damage, our 4th trip of the day was to be a fairly simple jaunt across Sweden, we picked up our new Vaccine trailers in the Norrsken depot of Stockholm and began our cross-country trip to the second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg!

Picking Up Cargos in Stockholm

Hauling for Hope

Dropped off in Gothenburg

We arrived at the Polaris Lines industry in Gothenburg in good time and relatively unscathed, with most of our convoy attendees managing to complete the journey with the required 0% damage, ticking off 4/7 of the jobs for the World of Trucks event. Of course some of our drivers weren't so lucky, and there's always time for one more trip! So for our last trip of the day, we opened the freight market once more, and decided upon the destination of Odense in Denmark!

Ready for our final trip of the day

Leaving our last Polaris Lines stop

On the road to Odense

And so another fantastic convoy sunday came to and end, at the Norrfood retail outlet in Odense. This meant a tricky reverse to get to the cargo drop off area, but this was no problem for our skilled members! We were happy to play our part in delivering the vaccines to destinations all over Europe! And will continue to do so as long as the world of trucks event is live. If you're yet to make a start and would like to take part in the event, check out the details **here **

Parked up at the end of Convoy Sunday!

Big thanks to those who attended, both our older and newer members, everyone is always welcome to join SPLH Convoy Sundays! And our VTC Sgt. Peppers Long Haulage is open to join! Click the Chevron logo at the top of this page to go to our VTC homepage and there you should see the Join VTC button. (you will need to be logged into you TruckersMP account)

Convoy Attendees:





Sgt. Pepper



Austin Phoenix














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See if you can spot yourself! We look forward to you joining us for our next adventure!

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