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S.PLH Heads for Canada, on the Southern Route! | (31st Jan 2021)

By Austin_Phoenix   |   11 Feb 2021 23:28 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

S.PLH Sunday Convoys Recap!

(31st January 2021)

With the #HaulingForHope Event still live, we headed over to American Truck Simulator to deliver some Hope and Vaccines to those folks in the States!

Beggining In Durango (Colorado) where we left off on our last visit to ATS, our drivers began to arrive and meetup in the service station as usual, although it quickly became apparent that there was none of the Vaccine event trailers we had intended to haul that day in that area. So we bob-tailed it down to Farmington to meet up with some other S.PLH drivers and try our luck there.

Beginning of Convoy Sunday

Loading in the quarry in Farmington

We arrived in Farmington and opened the World Of Trucks contract market to find that the reports from our drivers were true, and there still were no available Vaccine trailers! In search of the ever elusive event cargo trailers we headed further south to Albuquerque in New Mexico. So as not to waste the trip, we used the WoT contracts to pick up a load of Silica bound for the Rail Export yard in Albuquerque.

Heist Up to His Usual Antics!

Leaving for Albuquerque

We made good time to Albuquerque and would have made the journey without incident, had Sgt Pepper not wrecked Austin Phoenix coming down the off-ramp! With the drop off within sight no less! XD Once that was sorted our drivers successfully dropped off their cargoes, and joy of joys, we found the Vaccine Event trailers! So we loaded up in the Albuquerque rail export yard with Vaccines bound for Ehrenberg, excited to finally start Hauling For Hope in ATS!

**RKO Outta Nowhere **

Pepper takes out Austin!

Loaded with Vaccines!

Lined up in the Rail Terminal

Leaving for Ehrenberg

Peppers usual level of navigation

The 900km trip to Ehrenberg (Arizona on the California Border) seemed to take little time and we soon arrived and dropped of our first loads of vaccines. Only to once again find no available Vaccine loads for us to haul. This didn't phase our SPLH drivers, and we took a quick 200km hop south to Yuma in the hopes of finding more event trailers.

Fuel Stop in Holbrook on the way to Ehrenberg

Holbrook Fuel Stop

Dropping off In Ehrenberg

Regrouped In Yuma

Leaving Yuma

Yuma turned out to be a good call and we picked up our next loads of vaccines, this time headed 388km West to Los Angeles. We arrived at the Charged industry in L.A and happily reloaded with more COVID-19 Vaccines this time on a short haul to Bakersfield. Our drivers got used to city hopping as convoy sunday continued, with another short hop to the Walbert in Fresno and again to the large Oakland Shippers container port within Oakland.

**That’s a lamppost 😂😂 **

Dropping off at Charged in LA

Reloaded with more vaccines

Regrouped at the garage

Reloaded with more vaccines in Fresno

Another fantastic lineup

Considering we had originally intended to head to Canada it seemed strange to be heading further south and skirting round the lower edges of the ATS map! But we persevered in our hunt for the final Vaccine event trailers of the day, we headed over to San Fransisco to pick up our trailers bound for the capital city of California, Sacramento.

At the Oakland Shippers

At the waters edge in San Fransisco

Ready To depart for Sacramento

Dropping off in Sacramento

Our drivers made short work of the 300km trip to Sacramento and many completed their personal event goals with this last vaccine trailer of the day. From here we made the decision to make the long haul north to Canada in one trip and picked up our last cargoes of the day, ready for the 1500km trip all the way North, To Hope In British Columbia

Ready to leave bound for Hope

Pulled over just north of Medford

Dancing guy on roof!

Wide range of cargoes bound for Hope

Last stop before final charge towards Hope!

We arrived in Hope slightly weary but triumphant in having taken the long way round to get to Canada! And happy with a job well done hauling the Covid-19 vaccines to cities all over the ATS map. Big thanks to all those who joined us for convoy sunday, both from SPLH and the independent drivers! Everyone is welcome to join us on the road every sunday for more convoys!

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At our final destiantion

At the Plaster and Sons in Hope

Another convoy sunday well done!

Convoy Attendees:


I brake for cake


Kaytho [FR]

Sgt. Pepper














Scandinavian Transport



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