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Happy Halloween Weekend!

By Austin_Phoenix   |   29 Oct 2021 15:17 UTC | Updated on 29 Oct 2021 15:20 UTC

🚚 **Hello Truckers! **🚚

**Whos Hyped for Halloween! **

Today Sgt. Peppers Long Haulage will be attending the ConSecGroup Halloween Community Special with Real Op's and Truckfest!

The convoy will go from Milan in Italy to the large border crossing rest area north of Zurich in Switzerland, be sure to check #🚛│vtc-convoys convoys for all the info!

There are chances to win prizes at the Truckfest! TruckFest Competitions Categories: Best VTC Parking Formation | Largest VTC Attendance | Best VTC Paint Job (Must include #BestCommunityEver Trailer) |

So depending on numbers, we can park in a chevron formation to try and win some prizes! Be good to see our drivers using the Best Community Ever paintjob too if you have it!

We have a parking slot for the event, we are in slot 24, opposite the garage, if you spawn in at the Milan Garage, turn left out of the garage, then left and immediately right again to find our parking slot.

ConSecGroup Halloween Community Special with Real Op's


Date: Friday October 29th, 2021

Truckfest: [18:00 UTC] 19:00 BST

Departure Time: [18:30 UTC]( 19:30 BST

Server: ETS2 Event Server - ConSec Halloween Special


Departure: Milan (Italy)

Destination: Zurich (Switzerland), Large Border Crossing, North of Zurich

Meetup: Opposite Garage- Slot 24 Booked (

DLCs: None Map DLC Required ⠀


TruckersMP Event Page:[]

Convoy Route:

Happy Trucking!


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