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Lots of events to look forward to!

By Austin_Phoenix   |   23 Nov 2021 17:34 UTC | Updated on 23 Nov 2021 17:35 UTC

Hello Truckers!

Was great to see you guys attending the TruckersFM Official Convoy last Sunday! We ended up basically at the front leading the convoy and didn't even cause any huge issues, so well done guys! Did our VTC proud Hope you guys enjoyed the event and the Pepper convoys before!

There's lots of good events coming up, plus we are getting invited to more and more other VTC convoys! So that's great! Id encourage you to check out our VTC events attending page on TruckersMP to get a heads up on what we will be attending, I'm trying to keep it up to date

If you could head over there and sign up to as many/ all the events you can, that would really help us and the event organisers out

The main ones I would ask you guys to sign up up are: ConSec November Community Special with Real Ops! (27 Nov 19:00 UTC) We have a slot booked for this! Quirky Convoys December Convoy (04 Dec 17:00 UTC), for which we have been invited and have booked as slot also! Starry Convoys December Convoy (14 Dec 19:00 UTC), for which we also have a parking slot booked!

So lots to look forward too!

Happy Trucking!


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