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Gear Up for another Trucking Weekend!

By Austin_Phoenix   |   11 Dec 2021 09:34 UTC | Updated on 11 Dec 2021 09:47 UTC

Hello Truckers!

First of all, Merry Christmas! Hope you're all feeling the festive season!

There's lots of good events coming up, plus we are getting invited to more and more other VTC convoys! So that's great! Id encourage you to check out our VTC events attending page on TruckersMP to get a heads up on what we will be attending, I'm trying to keep it up to date

There's a big weekend of Trucking ahead! So fill those fuel tanks and service those rigs!

First up, today is the Renault Trucks Christmas Convoy! This is being hosted my familiar members of the community Jenko90 and PoshPete, and is also supported by Renault Trucks themselves!

The event is being held on an event server that will have custom parking areas and Xmas themed map edits (like the Halloween Convoy) so should definitely be one to check out!

The route is a round trip starting and ending in Lyon, details can be found here or in #vtc-convoys in the Discord

Event Link

Secondly on Sunday we will of course be hosting SPLH Convoy Sunday! Big thanks to our very own Assistant Manager Josh for organizing and creating the route!

The route is entirely vanilla map so everyone will be able to join! Going from Szczecin (Poland), Euro Goodies to Brno (Czech Republic), San Builders.

Should be a good one! Details can be found here or in #vtc-convoys in the Discord

Event Link

Feel free to use a Renault and Christmas Paintjob for the Xmas event today! But I would ask that you use our livery on Sunday, lets see those uniform trucks!

Also it would be a big help if you could sign up to both events, especially ours 😉

Hope to see you all on the road!

Happy Trucking!

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