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Guide To Running TruckersMP and Singleplayer Seperately

By Austin_Phoenix   |   15 Dec 2021 16:00 UTC | Updated on 15 Dec 2021 16:15 UTC

Hello Truckers!

With the now released update to 1.43 on TruckersMP :hype: I thought I would make a guide on how to run two seperate installs for ETS2 or ATS, that way when Steam helpfully updates your game, it wont break TMP or force you to downgrade!

Step 1

As always when modifying game files, its a good idea to make a backup of your game and profile files first, just in case something goes wrong!

Backups Backups Backups!!

So step 1, Open your Steam Client, navigate to Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator, right click and select "Manage" and then "Browse local files"

This will open the install location of your game in file explorer, from here select the "Up Arrow" to go up one level in the file structure so you can see your ETS2/ ATS game install folder

Step 2

From here, select your ETS2/ ATS folder, Right Click to "Copy" and then "Paste" this folder. This should simply create a copy of this folder named "Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Copy"

I usually then rename this folder to help find it later, Rename it as "Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Copy 1.43" or whichever current game version it is 1.44,1.45 etc.

Step 3 - Simple Option

At this point, you can take the simple option, which is to reinstall your TruckersMP launcher, and when prompted to select your game install simply select your new "Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Copy 1.43" folder and your done! Your game will now work as normal.

Remember however that your "TMP" install will no longer update automatically, so you will need to repeat this process at the next major update.

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Step 3 - Technical Option

Warning This option involves editing your PC Registry, if you are not comfortable with that or are worried about breaking you PC, use the Step 3 method above!!

You will now need to re-direct the TMP launcher to your copied game files.

First, open your start menu, then search for "Run" and open it . Inside the "Run" box you need to type "regedit" This will open the registry editor.

Inside the address top at the top of the Registry Editor type this "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TruckersMP" and then press Enter, you can also copy the address from here and paste it into the address bar.

This will open the registry addresses for where your TMP game installs are located

Return to your new "Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Copy 1.43" folder in file explorer, and copy the address at the box at the top.

Go back to the registry editor and double click where it says "InstallLocationETS2" this will open a dialog box

In the lower text box, right click and paste the address of your "Euro Truck Simulator 2 -Copy 1.43" that you copied before. The click "OK"

Step 4

And your done! You will now have two seperate game installs for ETS2 or ATS! One for TruckersMP and one original one for single player and convoy mode. When you want to launch TMP simply use the TruckersMP launcher or Trucky as you normally would, same for opening single player via steam

The "Copy" install will no longer automatically update, meaning that when steam sneaks a TMP breaking update in, you wont have to "downgrade" your game to a previous version to play straight away!

When the game does update to another version, "1.44" for example, simply repeat this process OR copy the game files from inside your "Euro Truck Simulator 2" folder, and paste them into the "Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Copy" folder. Then use the Registry Editor again to redirect TMP to the correct files, no need to reinstall the launcher every time.

Hope you find this guide useful!

Happy Trucking!

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