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By CET 004 Xiao Xing   |   11 Nov 2020 04:12 UTC


  1. 年龄法定18岁周岁以上
  2. 车队不招收口吐芬芳、不听从指挥,擅自离队的队友
  3. 熟练掌握游戏内操作,会接游戏存档,倒车入库侧方停车无压力
  4. 需要必要的DLC支持
  5. 参加联运成员务必使用电脑YY,接游戏存档
  6. 联运期间不可以超车、鸣笛、闪灯等危险操作

车队招收 车队管理、人事管理、车队外交、车队接待


The team insists on holding joint transportation activities every day, leaving on time at 8:30, with professional leading and trailing vehicles and intermediate management, which is a beautiful landscape in the ETS2 world

  1. The legal age is over 18 years old
  2. Familiar with in-game operations, and parking on the side of the garage without pressure
  3. Need necessary DLC support
  4. Doperations such as overtaking, Honk, flashing lights, etc. are not allowed during intermodal

Fleet recruitment Fleet management, personnel management, fleet diplomacy, fleet reception

CET-China Express Fleet welcomes you!


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