欢迎来到 [CHINA VTC]CET-中国速运车队

By Shining Stars   |   10 Feb 2021 05:58 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC


The CET-China Express team was established on April 24, 2019. In this year or so, the number of the team has grown to more than 400 people. It has a complete management system and has about 50 online players daily. We are committed to building the best Ouka team in China, helping each other, running in with each other, encouraging each other, and promoting each other to make our team more complete and better! Welcome new and old players to join!


Tag: China CET VTC
Language: Chinese
Created: 08 Nov 2020 16:07 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: CET 001 Bèn Bèn
Members: 273
Recruitment: Open