By Shining Stars   |   23 Jan 15:18 UTC | Updated on 23 Jan 15:20 UTC

由于前一段时间管理人员的忙碌和内部原因的调整,导致CET VTC暂停了运营,我们最近正在一步一步地做了一些事情,让我们的VTC逐步走上正轨。



Due to the busyness of the management staff and the adjustment of internal reasons some time ago, the operation of CET VTC has been suspended, and we are doing something step by step recently to gradually get our VTC on the right track.

We started to be active on social networking sites and live streaming platforms and participated in some events, VTC news also started to update,At the same time, we made some changes through several meetings and made it clear that we are going forward! Continue our success!

We will be hosting our third anniversary in the first half of 2022, and 2022 will be a great year for us. keep on fighting!


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