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活动名称: 中国烽火俱乐部一周年庆典

主办方: 中国烽火俱乐部

活动日期: 待定

DLC: 本体

活动路线: 曼海姆市(矿场)-加莱港口 852KM

活动YY: 592773

报名QQ群: 559794721


``` FH gaming |烽火车队 the former China Fenghuo club, founded on February 10, 2019, is the third official certification team in Asia, a member of China team alliance, QQ group: 559794721, YY: 592773, QQ audit group: 559794721. Our team has a complete management department, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of technology and the Ministry of publicity and other departments. Every night, there is a intermodal activity. Every month, we will participate in the large-scale intermodal transportation. Welcome to join theFH gaming|烽火车队.


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