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If you experience that, please try again later. Apologies for the inconvenience.

It's time to downgrade!

TruckersMP does not support the latest game version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator yet.
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Tag: FH Gaming>>>VTC
Language: Chinese
Created: 14 Jul 2019 04:41 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Members: 112
Recruitment: Open

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Latest VTC Posts

FH GAMING combined transport on April 23

2020年4月23日20:30( UTC+8)烽火车队队内联合运输

23 Apr 13:35 UTC   |   FH Gaming-Qingdao

FH GAMING combined transport on April 22

2020年4月22日20:30( UTC+8)烽火车队队内联合运输

22 Apr 13:47 UTC   |   FH Gaming-Qingdao

FH GAMING with TF Convoy, C.D.T Convoy, ST Convoy, G.T.R Convoy and chuxin Convoy togother Combined transportation on April 21


21 Apr 15:21 UTC   |   FH Gaming-Qingdao

FH GAMING combined transport on April 19

2020年4月19日20:30( UTC+8)烽火车队队内联合运输

19 Apr 13:45 UTC   |   FH Gaming-Qingdao

FH GAMING combined transport on April 18

2020年4月18日20:30( UTC+8)烽火车队队内联合运输

18 Apr 13:46 UTC   |   FH Gaming-Qingdao



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1、 年龄大于16岁;

2、 有麦克风,并且会用YY语音 ;

3、 有良好的驾驶技术;

4、 沟通能力强,友好;

5、 有正版欧卡2本体;

6、 遵守TruckersMP游戏规则;


1、 the age is more than 16 years old;

2、 It has a microphone and can use YY voice;

3、 Good driving skills;

4、 Strong communication ability and friendly;

5、 There is a genuine Eucalyptus 2 body;

6、 abide by the rules of truckersmp;