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VTC Missions!

By Haagsegamer070   |   22 Sep 2020 18:52 UTC

Noot Noot! Or VTC Plasma Trucking now supports VTC Missions!

These are like World of Truck deliveries to a certain location for a specialist reason! These jobs get submitted in the same way as your other jobs, but if they go to the same location as the one specified in the mission, then your jobs will count towards that goal!

In the image below, you can see that our driver RandomWelshguy has already submitted a job to Brussels this month, and his job has contributed 2% to the total goal!

RandomWelshguy has already submitted a job to Brussels

So, all drivers, get out there and go and deliver jobs to Brussels! The location & mission will change every month, so keep an eye on it!

Missions can be seen by everyone, but only those in our Simulation driver division will be able to contribute to it! Therefore, if you're in the casual division and wish to contribute to this, please message a VTC leader right away!

We hope this new development is a step forward to a more competitive VTC for a simulation drivers, and we really hope this encourages our drivers to get out there and deliver loads for the VTC!

You can access Missions here (If you're a VTC Driver)

If you're reading this as a member and play TruckersMP and would like to join Plasma Trucking and help us out with this, you can apply here


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