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VTC Changes

By CaptainTrombone   |   29 Nov 2020 22:14 UTC

These changes will come into effect on 01/12/2020.

Quota Change: We will be changing the quota to only 2 convoys per month. We feel as though if you are interested in joining a VTC, it's to drive; there's no point us forcing you to drive if that's not what you want to do. This shouldn't be too much to ask, as we currently host 2-3 convoys per week.

Removing Divisions: Leading on from the Quota Change, we will be removing Casual and Simulation Division. It will now be a requirement for you to maintain this monthly quota to remain a member of Plasma Trucking. We've noticed that a lot of drivers have been in Casual Division for several months and don't tend to show up to convoys, let alone stay active in the server; we understand that some people have reasons for inactivity - this is completely understandable, so if you do have a reason, please refer to the Plasma LOA System, found here:

Required Hours: The hours required to join Plasma Trucking will be changed to 50 hours in ETS2/ATS and TMP Account for 3 months. We feel as though this is ample time to show that you enjoy the game and are willing to drive for the VTC. In light of several users trying to join Plasma Trucking with little to no knowledge of the game, we want to enforce this requirement. This ensures that drivers are the best they can be, and can represent the VTC online. We will also require that members have all punishment history public on their TMP account.


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