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RESCHEDULED: 600 Member Convoy & Official Statement on TruckersMP

By Penguin   |   04 Jan 2020 15:25 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

Hello Plasma Gaming!

Our 600-member convoy has had to be rescheduled from the 24th November to the 30th November. We’ve chosen that date as it’s the next available date from the one we originally chose.

On the 22nd September, we applied for a private event server. Therefore, TruckersMP knew well in advance that we had a major event planned for this date. The forum topic was made well in advance of this, and the first event server request was made on the 22 September 2019. This event server then, rightfully, declined as we didn’t have 100 convoy participants at that time. We were told in our reply, to re-submit our event when we had reached 100 convoy participants.

However, 3 days later, on the 25 Sep 00:02, the ‘REAL OPERATIONS - 24 NOVEMBER 2019’ event was published. Now we were NOT informed of this and were still of the belief that we were able to have our original convoy date without issue. We feel that TruckersMP should’ve taken this into consideration and informed our community as soon as possible, knowing that we would be re-submitting this event as soon as we hit 100 participants on ets2c.

When we re-submitted our event, we were told that the event date was now booked and unavailable. At that time, it was only 19 days to the event, so it was looking increasingly unlikely to reschedule. We held some emergency team talks and have decided to try for the 30th November, which was accepted on the 12th November.

Plasma Gaming is very disappointed in TruckersMP for knowingly planning a major event/convoy on a date you knew had prior planned major events on. We understand this was not done on purpose against our community, but TruckersMP have now sabotaged our community events.

For any questions about this, please join our Community Discord where we will happily explain in detail the events:

Kind Regards,


Lead Developer & Owner – Plasma Gaming.


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