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Plasma Trucking is partnering with VIVA Trucking!

By Penguin   |   01 Feb 20:06 UTC

We are pleased to announce that Plasma Trucking is partnering with VIVA Trucking!

We’ve partnered as we both believe in each other’s mission, to bring a better gaming and trucking experience to our members!

This will allow us to share experiences and technology in order to provide a more seamless driving experience! So, strap in and Waddle On, as we drive into the next chapter of Plasma Trucking, where we are now partnered with VIVA Trucking!

This is also our first partnership as a gaming community! We normally don’t partner with other communities, which is a real testament to the fact that we believe that this is a very good partnership and a great way forward for both our driving communities.

So, we are very pleased to take this next step forward, and please join us in welcoming our new partners, VIVA Trucking!


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