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New Driver FAQ!

By Haagsegamer070   |   28 Mar 16:33 UTC

These will be in the #driver-faq channel. And don't forget, you can still always ask a VTC Manager if you want.

Q: What is the VTC paintjob?

A: The paintjob we use is the "sade" paintjob with the colour combination: black, black, red. It's the same for trailers. (ETS2) For more detailed info, check #driver-announcements pinned messages.

Q: What about the ATS paintjob?

A: We currently don't have a specific ATS paintjob, for now just try to make it look like the ETS one as much as possible. (This might change in the future.)

Q: Is there any job quota?

A: Yes. It's required to submit atleast one (1) job a month. (There's no minimum amount of miles, just 1 job a month.) If you fail to submit one for the first month you will get a verbal warning from a VTC manager. Second time will result in a kick from the VTC. (This is also in the requirements on the VTC page!)

Q: How do I submit a job?

A: If you want to submit a job, go to and log in with your account. Then click "jobs" > "Submit new job". Now fill in all the fields (comment not required) and click submit.

Q: What do I have to use as evidence?

A: As evidence for a job you submit, Make a screenshot of the screen at the end of a job (with how much you earned etc) and upload it to imgur. Copy the link to the image (NOT THE ALBUM) and paste it in the evidence field. Pro tip: Right click on the image in imgur and click "copy link adress", use that link.

Q: How long does it take for my job to be approved?

A: It usually takes max 24 hours , but a lot of times it's faster than that.

Q: How frequently are there convoys?

A: We try to do 1 or 2 VTC drives every week. Mostly on wednesday and friday, but it can also be on other days. We also attend a lot of bigger events (official TMP events or from other VTC's). Remember that you are always free to ask other VTC members for a drive if there is no convoy.


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