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Quota Changes & Driver of the Month

By CaptainTrombone   |   14 Sep 2020 21:34 UTC

Hello VTC Drivers!

We have had a few discussions about how we would like to improve the VTC and we're planning on implementing a few changes.

Firstly, we would like to increase the job quota to 1500 miles (2400km) per month. We felt as though our current job quota was quite easy to do and took away incentive to play the game as well as decreasing the likelihood of people attending convoys. We are also going to enforce convoy quotas more, meaning Simulation drivers are expected to attend at least one convoy per month. Failing to meet these quotas will result in transferral to Casual division.

As well as changing Simulation quotas, we would like to introduce a quota for Casual drivers. We found that there are a lot of drivers in Casual who take advantage of the division to do nothing. The quota is incredibly manageable! You are simply asked to remain active in the Discord and invite users to the Discord. Those with a genuine reason to take time away are exempt from this, and should use our LOA system (found at

We would also like to introduce a new role: @Driver of the Month! This role will be rewarded to the user that is number one on the leaderboard (found at at the end of the month - staff are exempt from this. The role will remain with the user for the entirety of the next month, and the role will be allocated to the whichever driver is number one on the leaderboard for the next month. The role will appear above all of the driver roles, so you'll have some pretty cool bragging rights for a month...

These changes will not come into place until October 1st. There are more updates coming in the future, so stay tuned!

~ Captain Trombone


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