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­čôî Role ─░nformation [EN]

By Nizam I ibizz Smallz   |   16 Mar 2021 14:26 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC


Founder [Kurucu] Founder It is where the word begins and ends, it is the person who laid the foundation.

President [Ba┼čkan] President This person follows the general progress of the company, is responsible for the management, informs the founder of the deficiencies.

Diplomat [Diplomat] Diplomat These persons present their joint convoy proposals to the Founder. Responsible for relationships with other companies. If the convoy is accepted, these people will inform the Save Responsible about the convoy.

Trainer [E─čitmen] Trainer These people give training to the members and evaluate their chauffeur. He drops his good drivers to Nizam and those he sees trouble driving to Kanun. However, only the Founder promotes Elite Member.

Disciplinary Board [Disiplin Kurulu] Disciplinary Board These people notify those who do not come to convoys and do not make an excuse. These people are responsible for the warning system. Identifies people who join us and do not care about us, notifies Kurucu Founder.

Human Resources [Al─▒m Sorumlusu] Human Resources These people recruit the people we deem appropriate according to the procedureŃÇÉ📝ŃÇĹ in the room of requirements, and make the member do the work they need to do. Gives information about the company. It adds to the Plate system.

Media Responsible [Medya Sorumlusu] Media Responsible These people take care of the social media pages of the company, and they organize the event photos.

Save Responsible [Save Sorumlusu] Save Responsible These people prepare a profile file before convoys and share it in the ŃÇÉ📁ŃÇĹsaved file room.

Elite Driver [Elit ├ťye] Elite Member These people are highly respected in our team and are good drivers. Complaints, requests and suggestions of these people are very important for the team.

Nizam [Member] These people are good drivers who have now become part of our team and have gone through some stages.

Kanun [Trial] These are the people who have just joined our team, who are in the experimental process, and who are also filtered.


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Created: 04 Dec 2020 18:04 UTC
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