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Join us in our 1 year anniversary event!

By Sklander   |   04 Aug 11:34 UTC


  • Date: 15.02.2020
  • Server: Spark Logistics 1 Year Anniversary
  • Starting location: Calais, Sea Port
  • Destination: Lyon, Quarry


  • Truckfest Start: 14:30 
  • Truckfest Judging: 15:00
  • Truckfest Results: 15:15
  • Trailer Pick-up: 15:20
  • Convoy Start: 15:30

Truckfest prizes will be given in these categories:

  • Best VTC attendance
  • Best VTC paintjob
  • Best VTC formation
  • Best public paintjob


  • No advertisement of any sorts unless permitted by the event organizers.
  • Participants must have a trailer attached while in convoy.
  • During truckfest, participants must park only in their assigned slots and dump their trailers in the trailer dump spot.
  • During convoy, all participants must stay within the route at all times. No freeroaming will be allowed.
  • Event staff is allowed to block any road or junction.
  • Event staff might kick or teleport you if you're parked in the wrong slot or ban you if you're disrupting the event intentionally.
  • Event staff is allowed to use Skoda cars.


  • Confirm your attendance:
  • Notimezone link:
  • Discord:
  • Route:


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