Countdown to the Road to the Black Sea released

By [GTR - 002] Driver   |   03 Dec 2019 04:38 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

The long-awaited Map Expansion Pack, the Black Sea, will be officially released on December 5. Along with this, there is also a Bulgarian painting bag. Let's take a look at the rich content of the Black Sea:

It has the largest city in Europe, Istanbul; nearly 10,000 kilometers of roads to be explored; the region mainly includes Romania, Bulgaria, and some European cities in Turkey; it has 20 major new cities and 11 kinds of local unique industries and freight companies; Typical Balkan buildings ;, carriages unique to the Bulgarian and Romanian countryside; different forms of border checkpoints; river ferries across the Danube; and local AI, trains and trams and transportation vehicles;, With lush vegetation matching the local climate and unique 3D landmark buildings.

In the near future we will expand our company to ship to Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.


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