Road to the Black Sea released

By [GTR - 002] Driver   |   06 Dec 2019 13:14 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

Today the long-awaited Road to the Black Sea DLC is officially released with a price of 60RMB, which is similar to the price of the previously released Sea DLC of Pineapple and Italian DLC, which are completely within our plan.At the same time, two new skin modification packages are released simultaneously. The Black Sea is connected to the Mediterranean Sea through the Turkish Strait. The important rivers flowing into the Black Sea are the Danube and Dnieper. Coastal countries include Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, etc. Romania's terrain is peculiar and diverse, with plains, mountains and hills each accounting for one third of the country's land area. The Luoshan River is beautiful, the blue Danube, the magnificent Carpathian Mountains, and the colorful Black Sea are the three national treasures of Romania. The Carpathian Mountains, known as the "Romanian Backbone," stretch over 40% of Romania's land. Barcelona as a whole is in a hilly area, and many neighborhoods of the city are named after nearby hills, such as Carmel (267 meters above sea level), Pusset (181 meters above sea level), Lovela (281 meters above sea level), and so on. The famous Montjuic cliff is located in the southwest of the city, 173 meters high, and overlooks the entire port of Barcelona from the top. Because of its superior location, the people of Montjuic built the Montjuic Castle, which can control the lifeblood of the city, and replaced it. The castle of Ciudadela.Today Montjuic Castle has become a museum, and the Montjuic district is home to many sports and cultural organizations. Turkey's terrain is complex, from coastal plains to mountain pastures, from cedar forests to rolling prairie. This is one of the richest plants in the world. Ararat (also translated as Ararat or Ararat) is 5,165 meters high. The summit is covered with snow all year round. In addition, this is a country with many rivers and lakes, where both the Tigris and Euphrates rivers originate.


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